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Multiple screen issues

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Clip Studio crashes when i attempt to do anything in 3D with my cintiq 16. The only workaround is if i move CSP to my main monitor and pray that no windows open on any secondary monitor so it won't become unresponsive.

Published date : 17 days ago

Updated date : 15 days ago


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  • 17 days ago
    There is a FAQ, so I think it would be a good idea to check it out.

    If the problem still occurs, please contact us using the support link at the bottom of the page.

    When I changed the motherboard and CPU on my PC, the same thing happened when I displayed 3D on a second monitor, so I gave up.
    Since it's an APU, the problem may be that it has multiple graphics installed, but I don't know the exact reason.
    At the moment, the most likely argument is that it's compatibility, but other than that, there are no problems, so I'll leave it as is.

    If you have extra storage space, install the OS, then update the OS, then install CLIP STUDIO PAINT, do not migrate the CELSYS folder or license authentication, and use the limited trial version mode. I think you can check the 3D operation.
    If the problem still occurs, the PC parts may not be compatible.

  • 15 days ago
    This helped me find the solution! THANK YOU. I just had to set the display settings for editing to normal.
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