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Help with moving a selection area without moving the object inside

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Hello, I would like to know if there is a way to move a selection outline without anything inside. For example, I draw a circle around an object but would like to move where my selection circle is placed without moving the object itself. Is there a tool or keyboard command that would allow me to do that?

Published date : 13 days ago

Updated date : 6 days ago


  • 13 days ago
    Try unchecking "Link selection and image" for the selection tool you are using.
    I think you can only move the selection.

    If you want to move the selection and image together, press the ctrl (or cmd) key and the cursor will turn into a scissors mark, allowing you to move the image and selection together.
    (If the key is different, please check the modifier key settings)
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  • 13 days ago
    Just grab the outline, not the middle
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