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I want to prevent the picture app from automatically opening after downloading materials.

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I want to download 10 or 20 materials at a time, but the app keeps starting automatically, which is very inconvenient. Where is the setting that can eliminate this phenomenon?

Published date : 13 days ago

Updated date : 6 days ago


  • 13 days ago
    Are you talking about the CLIP STUDIO app?
    If you just press the download button on the site, it will only show the history that ``I used this account to purchase materials (both free and paid)'' and will not actually download them.
    In order to actually download the material, it will not be added to CLIP STUDIO PAINT unless you start the CLIP STUDIO app and download it.

    I don't know what device you are using, but try opening ASSETS directly in the CLIP STUDIO app and downloading the material.
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