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Upgrading to the Annual plan

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When I upgrade my clip studio for the annual plan, I was just curious if I wanted to stop in the next year what version would I have, Would I still be able to be with the newsted upgraded version that I got from the annual plan?

Published date : 3 months ago

Updated date : 3 months ago


  • 3 months ago
    From all that I've read, you get rolled back to your base perpetual version. For example, if you are on version 1 and use the update pass to use the latest version 2 and then version 3, as soon as you stop, you are left with the latest version 1.

    I assume at some point they will no longer provide stability updates to version 1, so if Windows or MacOS does something to break the software in the future, you may be forced to either get an update pass or go through the sequential upgrades or just buy the latest version's perpetual license.

    It's not great... not great at all.
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