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My 3D layer with multiple objects gets bigger and smaller by itself.

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I was making a room with 3D multiple objects in Clip Studio EX. Things happened when I almost finished placing the objects.

When I selected [Object Tool] to modify objects(Just selected tool to use and did nothing else further), the entire object got bigger.
After that if I select other normal layers or other tools like [Move, Zoom or other tools that don't touch 3D object], object shrinks again. Sometimes, object just vaporizes to somewhere over the border of outside blank.

Other thing weird is when I select [Move] or [Zoom] tool, it automatically returns to [Object] Tool in a second. This never happened before...

Also, the blue box which wraps the entire object is all alone by itself above the object. I have no idea when and how could that happen.
> I used almost a hundred of objects.
// I don't know that was right thing to do in CS...

> Some of the objects are my own making and others is from Clip Studio Assets.

> I gave scale modifications to many objects.

Published date : 3 months ago

Updated date : 2 months ago


  • 3 months ago
    It may be similar to a bug when the 3d was jumping out after centralizing it. Try to use move layer tool to position it instead of object tool and see if that stops moving around.
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