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Clip studio lagging

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I use an artist pro 13 with clip studio. I've looked up everything. I've restarted my pc multiple times. I've redownloaded CSP and my drivers. Changed undo levels, changed all cursors to dots, changed input frequency to prefer quality, even changed settings to wintab to see what would happen but nothings worked. I've even tried to clean up my storage a little bit. The lag seems to be from clip studio. When I use paint tool sai it works fine but csp lags and when I go back to paint tool sai it lags a little bit. I feel like I've tried everything, what do I do?

Published date : 3 months ago

Updated date : 2 months ago


  • 3 months ago
    How about excluding it from security software monitoring?
    There may be some things you have already tried, but please try again *all* the contents of the FAQ below.
    >A delay occurs when drawing. - Clip Studio Official Support https://support.clip-studio.com/en-us/faq/articles/20190019

    >(Windows/macOS) What steps can I take to troubleshoot? - Clip Studio Official Support https://support.clip-studio.com/en-us/faq/articles/20230060

    If it doesn't seem to be resolved, there are instructions on how to email the official support on the above page, so why not try contacting them directly?
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