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When you draw a line, it bounces at the end

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When I draw a line with a pen, it bounces at the end. I've been using it for a long time and suddenly this happens.
I'm using a board tab (Fude and Sharaku's Kumadori), and even though I uninstalled the driver and reinstalled it, the same thing didn't change.
There are no special features on the Crysta.
I tried it with another illustration app, but it doesn't bounce around strangely.
Only Christa.
It doesn't always happen like this every time I draw a line, but it just happens from time to time. So, although I don't think it will be a problem if I am aware of it, I am still confused by this sudden phenomenon.
I would appreciate it if someone could give me an answer on how this can be improved.
By the way, my computer is Windows 11, and Crysta is Pro, the latest version.

Published date : 3 months ago

Updated date : 3 months ago


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  • 3 months ago
    The pen may be physically broken (the pen tip is not working properly).
    Try reinstalling the pen tablet driver.
    Open "Sub tool details"
    Select "Correction" from the left item
    Decrease the value of "Harai" on the right

    I can't confirm, but it looks like this
    It may be different

  • 3 months ago
    Thank you very much!
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