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Couldn't seem to properly deactivate old device and now I cant launch csp on a new device.

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I've had clipstudio running on 2 devices already. My pc and a laptop. Recently i got a new laptop and wanted to run csp on that instead but came across the issue that i'd have to deactivate csp on my main pc in order to use it on the new one. Because it seems i can only register 2 devices. I did what i could find online said and removed any files on the old laptop- even a clean reset of the laptop whole because i dont plan on using it anymore but it still wont let me run csp on the new laptop because it tells me to deativate my main pc where i have all my work. What do i do?

Published date : 2 months ago

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  • 2 months ago
    Clipstudio has various versions, grades, sales formats, etc., so if you don't disclose all the contents, it will take time to guide you to the correct contents depending on the question.
    Especially since Ask is a user forum, the only way to get your information is to write about it.
    When asking a question, please include information such as the version, grade, and whether you are subscribed to an update plan.

    With ver.1, when registering the serial number for the third device, the licenses for the previous two devices will be released from the server and will no longer be usable.
    It is thought that there will be no problem if access becomes impossible due to a PC failure, so there is no need to delete or uninstall files on the user's PC.
    If you need to use the main PC again, register the serial number again on the main PC.

    In the case of ver.2, you should be able to switch from changing/checking the license in the PAINT help menu.
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