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How to make a good 3D grid using perspective ruler

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Hi, What i wanted to do with clip studio paint is using a grid to make cool perspective quickly, you can see a 3d grid i made myself i like it but it's boring to aways creat a new one for another angle. so i want a grid and i heard about perspective ruler grid, as you can see i tried to make a good workspace like my own grid but I don't like it i can't work like this, Do i use the perspective ruler correctly ? also why the grid only face toward me and not in the other direction ?

also one more question about something else. on the last picture you see I traced line on my own grid to check where are the vanashing point and why are they so placed like this ? is this normal ? also why is the line horizon is all the way down ?

that's a lot of question but thanks for the help

Published date : 2 months ago

Updated date : 2 months ago


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