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Not getting the log-in Clippy bonus?

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I'm logging in every day since Feb started but I'm not getting the clippy reward for doing so? Is something wrong? Am I logging in in the wrong spot? I'm logging in through my clip studio app on my laptop.

Published date : 20 days ago

Updated date : 13 days ago


  • 20 days ago
    There has to be a Login Bonus event going on in order to get the bonus Clippy Points. There currently isn't an event running. There is a tab on the side of Clip Studio that you hit and then claim your day's bonus. But it only shows up when there is an event running.

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  • 20 days ago
    Did you read it properly?
    The notice says "From mid-February". It's still early.
    And even though it's mid-season, there is a 10-day range.
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  • 18 days ago
    It happened with me too, I also don't know how but, srry this is not an answer but, I cant even get clip studio anymore and I havent used it but my this I signed up for is gone now. I hope uget a good answer and not some one like me. Have a great day
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