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I can't activate Clip Studio Paint on my new device

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I bought the perpetual EX License and have been using it on-and-off on my desktop and my laptop. Now I have received a new laptop to replace my old one. I wanted to activate Clip Studio Paint on this new laptop but it keeps saying "This license has reached the maximum number of deactivations, so it cannot be activated on this device".
I should be able to deactivate it on the other devices and launch it on this one. Or does it have to do with the data in the old laptop and I should delete it?


Published date : 19 days ago

Updated date : 12 days ago


  • 19 days ago
    When I switch and start it up like in this FAQ, I get a message saying "Unable to activate"?

    I don't know the cause, such as whether you exceeded the switching limit due to reinstallation of the OS or misconfiguration of security software.
    In any case, if you receive that message, please click the "Contact Us" link in the message display.
    There is no solution other than contacting the manufacturer's support.
    This is only to prevent unauthorized use, so data on the server side can be used to check whether ``two computers are accessing from the same location,'' etc.
    Basically, if it is confirmed that the situation does not appear to be fraudulent, the suspension will be lifted.
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