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Validity period of shareholder benefit activation code

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I'm currently using a shareholder benefit activation code to create illustrations, and this time too, I received the same activation code by mail.
It expires at the end of April, so I'm thinking of renewing it, but the expiration date on the device I'm currently using is 4/22, so if I pass that date, will the illustrations I've created and materials I've purchased disappear?
Each time it's renewed, it's mailed in the month it's valid, so I got worried if the mail was delayed and thought that if I renewed it ahead of time, there would eventually be a time when I wouldn't be able to use it.

Published date : 13 days ago

Updated date : 13 days ago


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  • 13 days ago
    I will answer on the assumption that the update will be done on 4/30.

    1. Cloud capacity will be limited to 10GB from April 22nd to the last day of April.
    Due to this, there is a possibility that parts of works and materials uploaded to the cloud that exceed 10GB cannot be uploaded.

    According to the official opinion, only software backups are deleted, so there is no mention of works or materials being automatically deleted.
    It may not be deleted.

    At least local works won't be deleted.

    2. The app will not be able to start for a period similar to ``1''.

    Naturally, you will not be able to use the app while the license is expired.

    If you're too worried, it's about 980 yen for a one-month contract, so you might not have to worry about it if you sign up for a one-time monthly contract.
    By the way, from 2025, you will not be able to receive preferential treatment unless you own 200 shares or more.


  • 13 days ago
    thank you.
    It was very helpful.
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