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Unable to use double tap pen to eraser only on CSP

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Heyo! Using csp on my ipad, the double tap pen --> eraser feature was working as usual, however, when i backed up my materials and brushes, all went well, but then suddenly the double tap feature stopped working. Im really confused because Ive attempted to restart my ipad, i've disconnect my pen, I've checked all my settingd but my double tap feature works well on procreate.. so Im not sure why csp is being so difficult. Clearly my apple pen is working and functional, so what else could it be?

If anybody has any words of help, i would appreciate it.

Published date : 13 days ago

Updated date : 12 days ago


Best Answer
  • 13 days ago
    You said that you have confirmed all the settings, but just to be sure,
    Open [Modifier key settings] from the [CLIP STUDIO PAINT] icon.
    Select [Common Settings] and check [Pen Gesture].
    Under [Double tap pen], set [Temporary change tool] to [Eraser].
    Also check that the settings for each tool are set to "Common".

    If it is set, try turning it off and then setting it again, or restarting the iPad.

  • 12 days ago
    This pretty much solved it, I didnt even know there were such specific settings involved. Thank you so much!!
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