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Windows update broke my pen pressure.

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My clip studio was working fine but after a restart on windows update it no longer works, I went through every setting i could to fix this but I just don't understand. Is there even a fix for this?

I use an Artisul D22S
I have TabletPC on, Windowsink of tablet drivers are off.
I use CSP pro 3.0 and my tablet drivers have not been updated since 2022 because that is the latest version.
It works fine in the driver itself but not in CSP

Published date : 3 days ago

Updated date : 12 hours ago


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    2 days ago
    Basically, external LCD pen tablets work properly with "Wintab." ("Tablet PC" is for pen tablets built into PCs.)

    Also, tablet drivers often break easily, so if you notice any problems, I think the usual solution is to reinstall the tablet driver even if there are no problems with other apps.
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  • 2 days ago
    I did everything aside from reverting my windows update. the following did not work:
    * Updating windows again
    * Reinstalling tablet drivers
    * Reconnecting my tablet to my pc
    What did work was turning back on windowsink and switching to wintab, naturally was issues with it that had to be fixed like the pen not even being able to be used and only the mouse was, and the pen drawing way off my screen. these settings have fixed all of that.
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    2 days ago
    For digital drawing, it is usually recommended to leave "Windows ink" inactive.
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  • 12 hours ago
    I have the same issue, i tried rebooting drivers, switching USBs, everything known to man, and nothing i managed to bring it back to life for about a whole 5 sec before it shat the bed once more
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