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Shape size in mm/in/px and frames

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I want to create my own shapes and frames different from presets. I am struggling undertsanding how do I measure the size of my boxes, frames and shapes. I understand I can use handles to scle, but I need to be precise and set the grids inside the illustration to a specific size, margins.

Thank you for your help.

Published date : 9 days ago

Updated date : 2 days ago


  • 9 days ago
    Use grid and snap to it.

    Csp is not like illustrator, so it does not have precision tools. You can use grid, you can use ruler, you can also questionably set object locations with transform tool using units, but it is very limited and you need to actually math.

    Best use grid and frame tool togetker if you need precise paneling.
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  • 9 days ago
    Thank you, Noborius :)
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