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Failed to create virtual memory (csp 3.0)

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When I open csp, it says "failed to create virtual memory" and after clicking "paint" the paint window automatically closes. I've read about changing the storage but I have in in c:/ with 400gb remaining. I tried reinstalling and updating, restarting my pc but none work. What should I do?? I really want to draw but I can't open csp :( please and thank you in advance <3

Published date : 3 days ago

Updated date : 1 day ago


  • 1 day ago
    I had the same problem for the past few days and I've tried everything. The only thing that resolved this issue for me is to reinstall my windows.

    I'm not sure what version you are on but you should be able to have this option in your Settings. I'm on Windows 11 so I just went Settings > System > Recovery > Fix problems using windows update > hit Reinstall.

    Good luck!
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