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vector drawing without double anchor points at the end of a line

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when I draw with a pen on a Wacom board, sometimes the lines (fineliner) end with a kind of "drawing a bit back", so the line is either going little bit to the side or even back creating more than one anchor point (node) at the end of the line.

This results in bad import for example in vector graphics software as SVG, for example when then exporting to PNG or outlining the strokes. The end nodes are in those cases either double or even worse in the opposite direction of the stroke with extremely small handles.

Can I somehow setup that at the end of a line double anchors are not allowed or corrected? Like a minimal area where no new anchor is created? I also tried the pen options with no luck.

thank you!

Published date : 3 days ago

Updated date : 3 days ago


  • 3 days ago
    When you normally draw with a stylus pen on a vector layer, many control points are generated (there are many slow strokes).

    We recommend organizing the control points with the "Simplify Vector Line" tool. Naturally, you can also reduce the control points at the ends of the lines.
    Finally, you can adjust the direction of the ends with the "Object" tool.
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  • 3 days ago
    Thank you very much. Is it correct that both of your solutions mean correction after drawing?
    So no option for correcting before/during drawing?
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  • 3 days ago
    I said that's by design.
    There is no option to fix it before/while drawing.
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  • 3 days ago
    I can make a request.
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  • 3 days ago
    Thank you. Yes, it would actually be a good option, and I found other people asking (Reddit) about this.
    I am not a developer and don't know much about vectors, but the option could like "End each line with one anchor point", so the last (and first) anchor of each line has like a radius around (to be defined by user) where no second anchor would be created even if the pen stays there a second. Of course this should not be activated in the standard setup, only as an additional option. So the software should check after drawing a line where the start and end anchor is and then check the radius between the last and the second last (or more...) and if it is too close then all anchors before the last in this radius would be deleted (only talking about the same line, of course).
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