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Cltu material.

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Texture or any material uploaded to CLTU assets + default loaded materials
Is it possible to paste and use it as is when creating a work (cartoon, illustration, etc.)?
It doesn’t matter if you process what you glued, right?
And can it be used commercially (even non-commercially)?

Published date : 2 days ago

Updated date : 2 days ago


  • 2 days ago
    I think that if you use or paste the "materials" as is in your work, it will still be a work, but will it be able to express your originality?

    If someone who is familiar with the circumstances of the materials sees it, they may determine that it is "not your original work."

    At the very least, I don't think it will have any value in any contests or as a commercial work.
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  • 2 days ago
    If material is pasted alone as it is and anyone with digital editing knowledge can cut it out and use as original material... you are in for some possible copyright infringement. Materials can be used commercialy, but they should be used as a part of the drawing, not the drawing itself. The material, even when downloaded and edited, still belongs to creator and a buyer has no right to resell it as theirs even if the material is free.

    So you can use it and sell works containing pasted materials as long as you are not giving away the material itself.
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