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Is there a reason why my screentone lookes like this?

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I was testing screen tones a few minutes ago using the wand/selection tool, and it came out like that in the image above. It happened after I zoomed in for a closer look and pressed the "Fit To Screen" button. I'm not entirely sure if it's a side effect, but I need to find a way to fix it to make my screentone look like an actual manga screentone.

Published date : 17 days ago

Updated date : 6 days ago


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  • 17 days ago
    The phenomenon whereby a regular repeating pattern appears uneven is called moiré.
    It occurs due to conversion errors when there is no one-to-one correspondence between image data and the pixels of the display device.
    It does not occur if the display magnification is set to 100% and one pixel of the data is displayed with one pixel of the display device.
    It can also occur as a result of enlarging or reducing image data.
    It is best to avoid enlarging or reducing image data whenever possible.

  • 6 days ago
    Thank you for your response! I'll try it out and see how it goes!
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