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Position changes when editing text

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When editing text on the canvas, the moment you enter edit mode, the text is moved to a different location. If there is a speech bubble, the position of the speech bubble remains the same, but only the text goes out of the canvas. In this case, even if you undo it, the position will not return to its original position, so you will have to drag the out-of-position text back to its original position one by one. What should I do?

Published date : 5 days ago

Updated date : 4 days ago


  • 4 days ago
    is the text box inside the speech bubble? normally if it is inside the bubble then the text, it will still be inside the bubble even if edited. so if it isn't inside (as in it's in a separate layer), you can just cut (ctrl+x) the text and paste (ctrl+v) it in the bubble and do some manual adjustments to fit. and since CSP isn't illustrator, you might need to enable the wrap text at frame or manually space your text to fit it inside the bubble so that the text follows the form of the bubbles.
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