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How to change the setting of a brush opacity in a specific situation easily?

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Its hard to explain but I had this small problem about the opacity brush. Here is an example so its easier to explain my situation.
1. Paint a circle of black colour with the opacity of brush 50%, lets just say this circle A
2. Paint another circle of black colour with the same opacity of the brush, this circle (let's say its circle B) intersect with circle A.

Result I expected : The intersection of circle A and B doesn't have their colour changed. (Still black with 50% opacity, in the example HSV = 0, 0, 56)
Result I get : They changed into darker colour(HSV = 0, 0, 35).

Note : I know I can just use the magic wand and then paint the darker colour with an 100% opacity of the intended colour(From 0, 0, 35 to 0, 0, 56), but its too much of steps and with the art I creating make it consuming so much time if I did that manually for every intersection that happened.
Note 2 : Just realised I created a Venn Diagram as an example, lol.

Published date : 5 days ago

Updated date : 5 days ago


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