How to Make Manga Studio EX4/Clip Studio Paint Transparent

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I'm doing a collaboration with another artist, and am working on the lineart. I'd like to send it to them as transparent so they can color under the lineart without much of a problem, but no matter what I do, it's not coming out as transparent, instead with a white background. I've tried to paste white as transparent, paste color as opaque, there is no paper layer when it starts out. Even when I click the Show Transparent Area (like in the attached picture) and later export it, it's still a white background.

I'm stuck and would really appreciate some help. Thank you.

Published date : 5 months ago

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  • 5 months ago
    First, if you work with someone, you don't need to send the file with a transparent background.
    Just draw on an empty layer and leave it on top of the white background (the "paper" layer), the colorist will still be able to color under your line layer.

    Second, did you save/export the file as a .clip or a .psd, or even a .png? Those are the main formats supporting transparent backgrounds. If you export in .jpg, the file won't keep the transparency.

    Last, where do you see the white background? Is it in CSP or in an image viewer program? Some programs don't show the transparency, even though it's there. CSP should show you the transparency if you "hide" (click on the little eye) the "paper" background.

    All in all, if you draw your line on a transparent layer and save/export your file as a .clip or .psd, your colorist should be able to open it and still have the line on a transparent layer.
    And if really you're unlucky and your file is still messed up, your colorist can still use the "Edit > Convert brightness to opacity" feature on your lineart layer to make the white zones transparent.
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  • 5 months ago
    Thanks for the response. I have exported it in png and psd before, and it hasn't made a difference for me. My program won't even open .psd for some reason, though the artist I'm collaborating with can, so I'm glad they'll be able to work with it. I've opened the files in image viewers before, but I've also opened them in CSP and it's still not transparent even if I export it in png.

    It's good to know other artists should be able to work around this though, so thank you for letting me know that. It'd just be nice to make something with a transparent aspect to it once in awhile.
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