All tools and brushes deleted, everything set back to default

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Title pretty much says all. Been using for about a month, had a ton of brushes installed. Went to open paint just now and it gave the message "preparing for first time use" or something like that. Anyways, all brushes were deleted and everything was set back to default. What could have happened? When using it previously, messages would randomly pop up in the middle of working, pausing for a minute to "save brush settings" but clearly it didn't do that from the looks of it. Just curious.

Published date : 4 months ago

Updated date : 3 months ago


  • 3 months ago
    Did you try reinstalling?
    Do you have any software that might prevent writing to disc, sandboxes or similar?
    Could be win10 system update that caused this.
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  • 3 months ago
    Could be that your celsys folder in documents was rewritten , formatted or deleted, after system update or some cleanup operation.
    That's where your materials are stored.
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