Clip Studio Paint Not Opening?

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Alrighty, so after my tablet driver crashed (per the norm lol), I went through the process of reinstalling it and such, but when I try to open Clip Studio Paint, it doesn't open at all. Despite even saying the software is starting. I've never really encountered this issue before at all, and even the 3d Model Program will open, it's just Paint itself that doesn't. I have looked on the Q&A forums for solutions, but everything that I have found and tried doesn't seem to have helped at all :( I've made sure that Clip is up to date but I'm still at a loss.
My laptop is barely a few months old and was working completely fine, and I'm also unsure if my tablet driver crashing maybe did something (It's crashed a couple times, but NEVER damaged any programs)

Any help would be appreciated!!

Published date : 3 months ago

Updated date : 3 months ago


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    3 months ago
    Did CLIP STUDIO PAINT stop running, just before Windows was updated?
    Depending on the OS environment, there may be problems with the compatibility between the tablet driver and CLIP STUDIO PAINT.

    The program may have some trouble.
    Please try to uninstall completely, not overwrite reinstallation.

    Uninstall Windows Control Panel / Programs / Programs and Features in the following order.
    CLIP STUDIO 1.8.x
    Restart computer
    How about trying to reinstall CLIP STUDIO PAINT?

    If the problem persists, it will take time to respond, but you can contact us from "Support / Contact" at the bottom of this page.
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