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Make a line smooter

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When I try to make the line thicker or thinner some steps appear on it. How to make the line smoother?

Published date : 4 years ago

Updated date : 4 years ago


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    4 years ago
    I created a raster layer that mimics the ".jpg" file presented in your movie sample. (Click to enlarge)
    From the layer menu to "convert layer", set the liquor to "vector layer" and adjust the maximum line width to "80" in "vector setting".
    (It depends on the line width being drawn. The correction / density threshold value is appropriate)

    After conversion, the number of "Thin at specified width" in "Line width correction" is suppressed and the vector line is brushed several times.

    If you still get a node in the line, if you can select it by left-clicking the "control point" in "object". Right-click and delete "control point" to make the line smooth.

  • 4 years ago
    Oh, I see, the minimum line width in the conversion settings should be no less than the widest place in the original line. Otherwise, it will be an outline. Thanks =)
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