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A couple days ago, the mouse cursor disappears when I'm in Clip Studio Paint EX. When I switch to the 'brush' tool, the normal brush cursor appears but for any other tool, there is no cursor, and no pointer too when I'm on menus. Only when I'm using the Cintiqd 22HD.

When I switch to a different program, like Chrome, or even click on the Windows 10 taskbar, my pointer returns, but when I go back to CSP, it disappears again.

I did some of my own troubleshooting. When I go into the Wacom settings and turn of 'Use Windows Ink', the cursor returns in CSP, but there is no pen pressure. When I adjust the pen pressure settings in CSP, checking 'Wintab tablet' brings the cursor back but I get brush lag. checking 'Table PC' brings the pen pressure settings back but my cursor disappears.

All default settings were working fine until literally 2 days ago. I've updated my wacom drivers, restarted the PC.

Thanks in advance for any help or advice!!

Published date : 4 months ago

Updated date : 4 months ago


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