Clip Studio Assets and Ask acting very broken

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Has anyone else had problems with browsing Clip Studio Assets and Ask? Here's what I'm getting, it's unusable:

Assets: the view translation button is disabled on all of them
Assets: there are two unlabelled blank buttons to the left and right of view translation

Ask: When I try to 'ask a question' it just goes to a white screen
Ask: if I try to reply to a thread on ASK, reply field says 'sign in required'. This is while I am signed in, I can see my name in top right. I tried signing out and back in, no change.

Notifications: Top-right bell says I have notifications but none are there when I click it.

I've recently installed a firewall so at first I suspected that, but I've definitely enabled Clip Studio's exe and I've tried disabling the whole firewall, so it's probably not related...

I was completely unable to use software Clip Studio Ask to post this question! So I have used web version,

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