Using Gradient Layers To Change Tones Of Brushes?

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Sorry to reopen a question previously asked and considered solved and closed, but the previous question on this topic has an answer that is too vague and I think is missing steps and I can't figure it out ;o;

I wanted to ask if anyone knows the full process of using a gradient layer to color the brush strokes beneath it? The previous question was this:

and the process I want to replicate is the first gif shown in this brush set:

The closest I've gotten to replicating this is by filling a layer with a color, and then setting the layer to overlay and drawing on layers under it, but it's not the same process as what's mentioned here

  • 9 days ago
    Is it a gradation map?
    Create a gradient map layer on top of a layer drawn in gray or color.
    However, the gradation does not change for images drawn in one color. (It will be the corresponding color in the gradation)

    Layer menu-> New color correction layer-> Gradient map-> Select your favorite gradation-> "OK"

    The brush GIF referenced in the link is probably not a gradient map
    I think that the main color of the drawing color is set to black and the sub color is set to red.
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  • 9 days ago
    Ah it's a gradient map layer, not just a gradient layer! I tried that out and it works, thank you! :D

    For the gif you're talking about, it was the artist that made the gif and brush set that replied to the question, so they confirmed that it wasn't a dual-toned brush :O

    Another thing is how to control the background color when using a gradient map layer, I think you just need to have a white layer as the bottom layer, and then make your background color the lightest color on the gradient map!
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