3D model malfunction (damaged? Contour only)

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When the 3D material suddenly becomes a situation like an image.
The original model is
I didn't notice the timing of the knife on the left (color depends on the layer), but the knife on the right became like this when I moved the layer folder.

I'm blaming it for increasing the object scale. Probably the same as this question?

If you set the light source, the details will return slightly, but it is basically an irreversible pattern.
Also, even if you place a new model, it will be in this state from the beginning.
Other models are currently unaffected

How do you get back to the original model?

Published date : 9 days ago

Updated date : 2 days ago


  • 8 days ago
    I'm not sure about the details, but I downloaded and tried the knife, probably because the 3D setup version is quite old, and it looked similar.
    There are almost no setting items, so I think it was a long time ago.

    If you check Use parallel light, the solid is easy to understand, but since the texture is not loaded in the first place, it is abandoned in the current version of Crysta.

    Why don't you put DM to the author and see if you can fix it with 3D setup?

    I'm not sure how to make a line art of a drawing doll, but it seems a little strange to mix old versions of 3D material, so
    So, I think it's similar to what Kemo says about the gymnasium's malfunction (?

    For the time being, uncheck Preferences> 3D> Use Multisampling and restart "CLIP STUDIO PAINT".
    A more detailed person may answer.
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