About drawing delay (drawing omitted) in Crysta Apple Pencil for iPad

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I am using Crysta on the iPad Pro 4th generation 12.9 inch.
I think it's been about a week now, but when I drew it on Crysta's canvas with Apple Pencil,
Drawing delays or omissions have come to be done.
If you move the pen up and down quickly, all the movements will be omitted and a gentle line will be drawn.
When I move the pen quickly, I'm getting a little troubled because I can't put lines and colors in the target place.
With a genuine memo app etc., the line follows without problems, so it seems to be a problem on the Crysta side.
I will send you a GIF file that records the operation.
I don't remember changing the settings, but if you have any related settings, please let me know.

Published date : 7 days ago

Updated date : 14 hours ago


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