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Debut version doesn't have sub view palette, how do I revert to old version of CSP before the debut version?

Published date : 15 days ago

Updated date : 8 days ago


  • 14 days ago
    The Debut grade (Debut/Pro/EX) does not have the Sub View palette. It doesn't matter what version number (1.10.5) you are using, DEBUT does not have that palette.

    Comparing features between grades:

    Usually the way you get the Debut version is choosing to downgrade from Pro after your Wacom-issued Pro license ends.

    If you want to have Sub View back, you need to have a valid Pro or EX license activated. Which would mean paying for a One Time Purchase license or a subscription plan.
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  • 15 days ago
    I don't understand the intent of the question.

    What grade (DEBUT or PRO or EX) and running version (latest version 1.10.6) are you currently using?
    Which version do you want to revert to?
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  • 14 days ago
    I'm using the debut version 1.10.5, it doesn't have the sub view feature so I want to go back to an older version that has a sub view feature
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