How can I use a new material for frame borders?

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I'm coming to CSP from Photoshop, and I'm trying to figure out how to use a custom material I've made for a panel border. I'm unable to get the right resolution, brush size, and thickness to get it to look right.

I drew a 2000px tall arabesque image in monochrome to use as the border (300 dpi) - see a reduced version below. I registered it as a material with the Use as Brush Tip setting on. I want to use it as a border around a circular frame, so I set the subtool's brush tip to the material and put the brush size at 50px. In the Stroke settings I've got Ribbon selected. The thickness is 100.

When I create the border, it's pixelated far more than I expected. While I don't expect all of the detail to be there, it's much worse than I'd hoped - see the second picture. If I put the brush size up to about 270 more of the detail shows up, but now it's far too thick - see the third picture. (Changing the thickness makes the border thinner, but it doesn't scale the brush down like I'd hoped.)

What I'd like is to have the border at 50 px thick, with the brush size scaled down. The pattern's width is 700px. Keeping the aspect ratio, that means that I'd like each tile of the border to be about 143px. I feel like I'm missing a concept.

How can I get the frame border to scale the pattern to the thickness I want while keeping as much resolution detail as possible?

Published date : 8 days ago

Updated date : 8 days ago



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