Pro to Ex Upgrade (New Serial Number?)

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I think I might've been scammed out of getting Clip Studio Paint Ex, because I'm not sure if this was apart of the offical website. But, I've been trying to change it to Clip Studio Ex, but it just shows on the tab that I can only activate Clip Studio Paint Pro. Maybe, there's a chance the transaction didn't go through? I've also checked my email multiple times, but there's no email telling me my new Serial Number. Can someone please help, or tell me if that's an offical site? I've tried the steps on the site, but it hasn't worked.

Published date : 8 days ago

Updated date : 7 days ago


  • 8 days ago
    On the discount page
    * This discount is not available for Debut licenses from Wacom Intuos / Intuos Pro bundles, limited-period versions, or expired 1- or 2-year Clip Studio Paint Pro versions.
    If the PRO version serial number you currently own has an "A" in the 7th digit from the left, it is a bundled version distributed by Wacom and is not eligible for upgrade.
    make sure.
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