Download failed. Please check the connectivity of your divice?

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I recently purchased a rather expensive 3D model, but it isn't downloading? All I get is the above-mentioned notification when I try to check my history. Other brushes and models seem to be downloading just fine, so it doesn't seem to actually be a connectivity issue. I did run all my updates for my computer (I'm on windows), made sure my firewall wasn't getting in the way of anything, uninstalled and reinstalled Clip Studio, and still haven't had any luck with this. Has anyone else encountered this problem? I don't wanna find out I just spent that kind of money on a material that can't even be downloaded and that I can't get a refund for. >:

Published date : 7 days ago

Updated date : 21 hours ago


  • 7 days ago
    Hmm, that error message should only appear when you are not connected to internet. Please contact Clip Studio Support as that is not normal and should not be happening. >>>
    Best of luck!!
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