Help menu redirects, keeps asking me for serial code

I am using monthly plan on pro, windows 10- I have been told there is no serial number for this plan, however whenever I click the help menu to review/change my license, it keeps asking me for a serial code instead of asking me for my username and password, which is what the instructions say it should do. Please help me.

Published date : 7 days ago

Updated date : 21 hours ago


  • 7 days ago
    Does "Confirm / Change" mean that nothing is displayed in your license?
    Please make sure that the CLIP account from which you purchased the plan and the account logged in to CLIP STUDIO are the same.
    You can check the contract of the plan by clicking your own icon of CLIP STUDIO.

    Also, please check if CLIP STUDIO PAINT is the latest version.

    If the plan selection is not displayed in CLIP STUDIO PAINT even though it is displayed in the contracted plan, please contact the administrator from support.
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