Impossible to open Clip Studio or Clip Studio Paint

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Hi everyone !

Well, it's been a week now, I tried everything and nothing works so it's my last hope now :'(
I closed Clip Studio Paint last week without any problem but since then, it's impossible for me to open it again. I uninstalled and reinstalled Clip Studio + Clip studio paint approximately 10 times already (restating my comptuer between each time) but it solves nothing. In my task manager (don't know the world in english) when I try to open Clip Studio, it open in my background process for about 2 sec then disappear and for clip studio paint it just stays in the background process but doesn't do anything.

I really don't understand what's wrong with my app, it's the only one that is not working, everyting else is working just fine (photoshop, or my games like Genshin Impact for example).

If it already happened to someone please I beg you to help me, clip studio paint is really my favorite software to draw on, I don't want to change...

Published date : 19 days ago

Updated date : 12 days ago


  • 16 days ago
    Yes I will, thank you anyway for responding to me in the first place :)
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    19 days ago
    If the FAQ below doesn't help, why not rely on the support desk at the end of the page?
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  • 17 days ago
    Ok, so I tried everything that was in the FAQ and finally decided to contact the support. I found out thanks to them that the problem is that, actually I don't have any CELSYS folder in my AppData. I tried to install the software on a new admin account on my computer and everything worked very well but when I go back to my main account, I still can't open Clip Studio or Clip Studio Paint.
    I tried to copy/paste the filles missing in my main AppData (from my new admin account) but it still doesn't work.... I have no idea what to do to have those files back in AppData.... I don't even remember deleting them in the first place.
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    17 days ago
    So please contact the support desk here instead of ASK.
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