I have EX but animation isn’t showing past 25 Layers

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I’m sorry if this is dumb but I really need help. I have a picture that goes on for about a minute long but I can’t get the folder with the art in to to show past 25 layers. I noticed that the areas that do show are darker in color. Is there a way to extend it?

I’m talking about the folder that says “Folder 10” on the timeline.

Published date : 19 days ago

Updated date : 12 days ago


  • 13 days ago
    Hey! This is a weird bug indeed. :0 It seems as if your program thinks that 25 is set to last frame. I'd probably try as a first thing to go to the very last frame of your timeline, right clicking, and click "set as last displayed frame" (on the animation layer with your folder 10 in it).
    If that doesn't work, you can try deleting it on the timeline, copying the layer, deleting the layer itself, and pasting it back, making a new frame to boot. Maybe that will "reset" things enough that the program understands what it needs to do?
    Alternatively, you can try to close Clip Studio entirely, and make a new file where you drag all of your content into.

    I don't know if any of these will work, but I hope they help nonetheless!
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    13 days ago
    I don't think the "weird bug" that Crowsghost calls is appropriate.
    I think it's just an operation mistake.
    If you point the ">" to the right of the "Folder 10" eyeball on the timeline downwards, the contents will be displayed and you can stretch the end of the clip to 217 frames.

    Apart from that, the resolution of the animation canvas is "600 dpi".
    It is recommended to set only the resolution to 200 dpi or less from "Change Canvas Preferences" in the Edit menu. (This is another bug fix)
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