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While drawing a webtoon, if you enter the text layer, the text is automatically inserted into the frame at the clicked position.

I want to set the text layer to be automatically created at the top of the layer.

The reference image 1 shows the text layer automatically created in the cut folder.
The next image is how I randomly topped the text layer!
I wish the text layer was automatically created like image 2!

Published date : 13 days ago

Updated date : 6 days ago


  • 12 days ago
    Wow, I wanted to do it like in your case, so I looked for it now. If you go to the detail palette of the text sub tool, it looks like it is specified as in the capture below. If you select [Always create a layer] in the Add Method option, the text layer is placed at the top.
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  • 12 days ago
    I wrote the opposite of the above because I was in a hurry; If you want to put it at the top, it is [Automatically determine the insertion position], and if you want to create it directly above the layer you are working on, it is [Always create a layer].
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