Cloud Feature Malfunction

Recently I set up the cloud feature in Clip Studio to back up app settings, etc because I knew that I would be getting my computer repaired soon, and did not want to loose any important features. Ever since I set up the Cloud feature, Clip Studio has been downloading old versions of my artwork from OneDrive and opening them. I get a notification from my computer each time this happens that says, "Clip Studio is downloading files from OneDrive" (For example, let's say I was working on a drawing and only got to the sketch part of it. I would save the sketch and come back to complete it later. After the piece has been completed, Clip Studio might download a previous version of this file, in other words, the sketch, even though I have completed the piece and it looks completely different than what is was before.) It has also been sending random material logs among other things to my OneDrive trash bin. Whenever this happens, my computer sends me a notification that says, "Files deleted from OneDrive are deleted permenatley" or something of that nature. This is very bothersome because I am having to restore items sent to my OneDrive trash bin everytime I open Clip Studio, and it is taking up a lot of space. I'm not very bothered by Clip Studio opening old versions of some of my art, but I do wish I could find a way to stop it. The only way I have found so far to combat this is to leave ClipStudio open 24/7, and to stay signed out of my Clip Studio account. Even doing this is a problem because I have to sign in to my Clip Studio account occasionally to check out the Assets feature.

I am using Windows 10 software on a ThinkPad computer. If you know anything that will help, please let me know! Thank you!!

Published date : 28 days ago

Updated date : 21 days ago


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