Soft Drag for Control Points (Vector Lines)?

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Hey all,
When dragging control point(s) in vector lines, is it possible to have nearby control points be "influenced" by the drag (AKA also be moved at the same time, but with less strength)?

Example Scenario: Dragging Control Point(s) away from a circle
---Option I Know Occurs 1: Selecting 1 control point and dragging it away -> Result: a circle with a strange outgrowth pointing only to that singular control point
---Option I Know Occurs 2: Selecting multiple control points all next to each other and dragging them away -> Result: a circle with straight lines pointing to the segment of the circle that was dragged away from the circle.
---Goal I Want to Occur: Drag 1 control point and its nearby points are also dragged, but less than that main control point. -> Result: an oval (or something very similar to an oval)


Published date : 27 days ago

Updated date : 25 days ago



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