How do you create 3D assets?

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Hi there. I am new to Clip Studio Paint, and I love it. I just purchased the subscription for iPad yesterday. Anyway, I have been exploring the 3D materials. I am aware of some of the 3D editing, and I see that there is a large variety of assets that community members have created. So let’s say that I were to submit one to the community. I understand how to edit a pose and anatomy, but what are the steps for creating 3D skins and clothing? Are they imported from other programs, or is it directly from Clip?

I look forward to your response.

Published date : 27 days ago

Updated date : 21 days ago


  • 27 days ago
    Hi you can download 3D assets from any web and open them in Modeler (they need ot be .fdx or .obj) as for creating yourself you can use any app such as Blender. Then you NEED to open it with Modeler and register it as a material and it will immediately show up in normal clip studio and there you can use them yourself or post them to assets. Hope it helped
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  • 21 days ago
    I see. Thank you for specifying.
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