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I cannot get the Text Tool to work in a piece I've been working on. It makes a huge prompt line down way past the edge of the image no matter what font size I try, and when I type anything the box ends up HUGE and never seems to shrink no matter how much I work to try and find my text.

I am running on Windows 7, but I haven't encountered this malfunction before, and the text tool works fine on other images when I test it. Has anyone run in to this issue before? I've done my best to show what settings I'm working with, please help!

Image 1 shows the text prompt line with the canvas zoomed out to 20%. Image 2 shows the text box issue with the canvas zoomed out to 2.5%.

Published date : 27 days ago

Updated date : 20 days ago


  • 27 days ago
    I think it's better to end Windows 7 ??
    CLIP STUDIO PAINT only supports up to Ver.1.9.11.
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  • 27 days ago
    Isn't the canvas size small?
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  • 26 days ago
    The canvas size is 1920x1080. The last paragraph of my post tells you that I am incredibly zoomed out to demonstrate exactly how ridiculous the problem is. Everything looks small when zoomed out that much.
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  • 26 days ago
    If you are clicking on the created text, resizing the brush will not change it.
    Try creating a new text. Will it be in the same state?
    In that case, try quitting CSP and restarting your PC.

    If that doesn't work, you'll have to drag the handle on the prompt line to manually shrink the text object and then type in the text.
    And I think you should change to Windows 10 as soon as possible.
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