Clip studio is removing files from my documentDB folder

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Hello! i have had problems with csp for the last few days. Whenever I try to open the clip studio paint program, it opens with several files from months ago and completely freezes. The only way to exit the program is to open task manager and force it to close.
Additionally, every time i open CSP i get a message telling me two files have been deleted from my documentDB folder. These file names are DocumentOpen_paint.cmdb-journal and DocumentOpen_paint.cmdb.
I'm quite certain these files deleting has a connection to why the program isnt working but I have no clue how to fix it.
I've tried reinstalling the program twice but I still get the same problem. Does anyone have any idea of what's going on?

Published date : 27 days ago

Updated date : 20 days ago


  • 27 days ago
    Contact user support.
    Perhaps the average user doesn't know what's going on inside the CELSYS folder.
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  • 27 days ago

    Did you have any updates, or maybe did you clean your computer, or something?

    Basically, two files needed for running ClipStudio are missing. I'm assuming that you were reinstalling Clipstdio into the same default location, and that's why the reinstall doesn't work. Or maybe there are some hidden temporary files, and they are getting in the way of fixing the issue by reinstalling the software.

    I suggest you to make a clean reinstall.
    - - -
    Uninstall ClipStudio Paint and ClipStudio. Then restart the computer. Then run a program similar to CCleaner (that's a program that I used for years, there's a free version available as well), and run a Registry Cleaner. Basically it will scan your computer for issues like unused files and missing paths etc, and then fix the errors. It may ask you whether you want to delete the temporary files (the files that are saved/backed-up if your computer crashes in the middle of a task). Click ok.

    After that, restart the PC again. Then download ClipStudio. Maybe even change the download directory and install ClipStudio into another folder different from before. Although that's an extra step, and maybe not needed, it's not a bad idea.
    - - -
    Pretty sure this will fix the problem.

    At the end, I'm not familiar with your issue. My advice is grounded only on my own experiences, and not some verified by experts knowledge. User discretion is advised ;)
    So, before doing all this, you should set a recovery point ( a system restore point) . Just to be safe, you know? That way you can always revert the changes.

    The stuff I recommended isn't going to do any damage to your computer. But if you're not comfortable with messing with your PC, then that's fine.
    Like 茜音 suggested above, contacting the user support is a good step to take if you're feeling at a loss. Depending on what they tell you, you can move from there!

    Good luck!

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