Parallel lines

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What tool will allow me to draw "two parallel lines" at the same time a set distance apart?

Published date : 21 days ago

Updated date : 14 days ago


  • 21 days ago
    There is none

    It may not be possible with a symmetric ruler,
    I think it's difficult to have two at the same time

    There is a "parallel line" in the pull-down menu of the tool property of "special ruler".
    This has no item to set the distance
    Only one line can be drawn

    It may be possible to add a "border" to the distance of the line you want to draw the brush size.
    May not be what you want

    It may be a good idea to use "vertical and horizontal specification" for the "rectangle" of the figure.
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  • 21 days ago
    Thank you for the helpful answers to my question.
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