Obtain screen color too light only with my pen?

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I found this unresolved thread that describes my issue.
I noticed if I use my mouse the color is obtained correctly but if I use my pen, its a lighter version of the color selected. This is definitely something i'd like to resolve as I don't always have my mouse with me as I draw on the go and when traveling often. I use a Surface pro 6 and the pen that comes with it.
Does anyone know how I should go about trying to solve this issue?

Published date : 21 days ago

Updated date : 14 days ago


  • 15 days ago
    It's only an issue with obtaining the color with the obtain from screen option. Works fine with mouse but too light with stylus pen. It's not an issue with the regular eye dropper.
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  • 16 days ago
    I have had this problem too- I believe you might just have to go to saturation and raise/lower that to your desired setting. If you try tapping the color multiple times it can help get a more accurate response also. I hope this helps you!
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  • 15 days ago
    Did you compare the difference between using the eyedropper function with a stylus pen and "Get screen color" or "Hide window to get screen color" in the edit menu?
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