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i purchased WACOM INTUOS in 16th of October 2017, and when i installed Clip Studio Paint, it's in japanese. I can't really read japanese, is it possible to change the language?

Published date : 2 years ago

Updated date : 2 years ago


  • 2 years ago
    You can try to re-install it, while on installer UI, you should be able to switch to the language you want.
    Once it launched, you will know if the license key you have from the tablet hardware works or not.

    Just download latest version and try it:

    The thing I can say is, for retail version, yes you have to buy English license key from International Language version web site, if you really need to use English UI. See the FAQ:

    Also, remember to reset tools(by holding shift key while launching PAINT) or delete "CELSYS" folder under your Windows user "document" folder. Or your brush will still in Japanese language text. CSP save the brush data in "CELSYS" folder and will not update it automatically.
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  • 2 years ago
    You can choose the language when you reinstall the app.
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  • 2 years ago
    If your PAINT soft comes with the device, you may have to look how the license it is.

    AFAIK, You can re-install and select English as UI , but , because of the license key is bind & restrict to the what kind of version of language, you may lost license and can not activate the software from Japanese version to English version.

    Unless you purchase an English license key , you have to use Japanese version. Unless the software come with device allow you do so.(you can just try it.)

    Also notice that official CELSYS English and Japanese site is totally different site, and the way how to purchase the software license is different too.
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  • 2 years ago
    Have you purchased English version license? Or was it Japanese version?
    English and Japanese versions is different license.
    If you have English serial number, you can also use French, Spanish, German, Korean version for free.
    Clip Studio Paint installation language, please same as language of OS.
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  • 2 years ago
    i forgot to tell that i bought the tablet in japan. so i need to buy the English license key as well?
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  • 2 years ago
    If you want to use Japanese version, you need Japanese version license.

    Please also look at 4 (Win) or 3 (Mac) of "How to install and update".
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