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hi,i have only started using csp on ipad and i have a question: how can i copy and paste one animation layer properly? 'cause whenever i try to do it(by holding a finger on a desired layer,then clicking on the menu copy and paste on the new layer),it just creates the same layer with the same name(eg layer "1" and the copy of this layer will be also "1") and when i try to draw or edit the copied layer,it will also edit the original layer:( also i tried to rename the copy but it won't let me? it's still hold the name of the original. hope someone gets my problem(

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    The instruction is "for a frame on the timeline".
    It is not an instruction to copy the actual state of the layer.

    Before duplicating the layer, select the layer name "1" and execute "Create and insert folder" from the layer menu to make the "cell" into a folder.
    If you set the cell number to a folder, you can put anything in it. Whatever the duplicated layer name is, it will not be affected by the timeline.
    For example, even if the names of "line drawing layer" and "painting layer" are mixed in "1", they are treated as "1" on the timeline.
    The layer composition of "1" is inherited to "2" by the command to create a new layer (the image content is not inherited).

    The name doesn't matter if you duplicate one of the layers and include it in "2".
    The reference image is Windows, but the basics are the same.
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