Is there a bug with CSP for iOS and magic keyboard?

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Using iPad Pro (gen 5) with magic keyboard. I cannot get the open and closed bracket keys to work properly for quickly resizing brushes. The bracket keys are set by default to control brush size, but they do not function this way. In my case, the closed bracket decreases the size of the brush, while the open bracket does nothing. When attempting to modify the shortcut keys, it looks like CSP sees “closed” as “open” while “open” registers as “@“.

My keyboard works fine outside of this specific issue — I’m using it to type this. [[[[ (open bracket) — ]]]]] (closed). So the problem appears to be solely with Clip.

Even if there’s a setting I missed somewhere, this is very strange behavior and looks more like a bug than anything, but I haven’t seen any other reports of the same. If it is a bug, please fix this. I’m a daily user of CSP on PC and I’m still weighing whether or not I want to purchase CSP for iOS. If I can’t get this resolved, there’s no way I can justify paying for the app.

Published date : 2 days ago

Updated date : 2 days ago


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