Anyone get the "Accessing File" error with iCloud or GDrive files? (iPad)

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I'm getting really sick of the "accessing files" popup when i try to save on iPad. I'm currently working from Dropbox, and i'm pretty sure the error is on Dropbox's end, because whenever I get this issue, the native Files app also struggles to display any of my Dropbox files. I think the error in general is the Dropbox connection messing up, so my iPad can't communicate with it for a short while.

So I'm considering switching allll my files over to a different cloud service. I use all apple products, so iCloud would be an easy switch for me, but I'm open to using Google Drive if people recommend it. Basically just trying to find out if anyone here uses another cloud file service, and if you have any issues when it when saving in Clip.

Published date : 2 days ago

Updated date : 1 day ago


  • 1 day ago
    Maybe you already know it, so I'm not sure if it's helpful, but I wrote the URL.

    I'm using an Apple --google --microsoft device and online storage to move files.
    So far, there are no special issues.
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  • 1 day ago
    Thank you, but i already have dropbox in my Files app. in the screenshot above, the right side of the screen is the files app. It shows all my dropbox content has disappeared and is trying to load.
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  • 1 day ago
    I don't know your production environment and device performance or what you have tried for this issue, but I might do something like this:
    I wrote what I can think of.

    -Check if there are any problems with the folder or file name (same name, trailing blank, etc., characters that are not generally used in the file name).
    -Check if there are many files in the dropbox folder.
    -Check the free space of the device to save the download file (* .clip file size is too large, etc.).
    -Check the permission settings for accessing files.
    · Check if the file is being used by another application.
    -Check if the device OS and dropbox app are up to date.
    -If you uploaded from another device, check if the dropbox account set for the device to download is correct.
    -Try restarting the device itself.
    -Instead of looking into dropbox from CLIP STUDIO PAINT, try reading the file with CLIP STUDIO PAINT after downloading it to the device itself.
    -Try to suspend the security software or antivirus software.
    ・ If communication is expected to be congested, try changing the download time zone.
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  • 1 day ago
    thank you for these suggestions. unfortunately none of this fixes my issue, still. i’m quite certain it’s just something wrong with dropbox’s server or how well their app connects to ipads, and i would rather just find a new app to replace dropbox with.

    so if anyone uses icloud, one drive, google drive etc, let me know if you like them, or if you still have issues with them 💛
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