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I now have multiple accounts that I don't want. My original locked me out claiming that I was using multiple devices but I only use it on my TAB S7 plus . I didn't know how that happened so I just opted for another license through another monthly account. That was my quick fix, because I didn't know if this support system would get back to me right away. My question is how can I reactivate that old license and get rid of this 2nd account?

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Published date : 1 month ago

Updated date : 1 month ago


  • 1 month ago
    You don't have to create an account for each serial number.
    It is more convenient to register multiple serial numbers in one account.
    The reason is that the purchase information of materials and the data backed up in the cloud are used through one account.
    You need to leave the account you need most.
    If each account has a serial number and you do not want to delete the account, please contact CELSYS support.
    As a result of inquiring, I do not know if one account can collect serial numbers.
    However, according to the rules, there is only one account for each person, so we suggest that you consult with us first.
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  • 1 month ago
    Thanks! It's finally my weekend and I can give this som proper investigation.
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